What is Perineoplasty?

Perineoplasty is the surgical removal of problems between a woman’s anus and vagina. There is no gap when birth tears are fixed during the same session. Deformations in the perineum and vagina may develop over time as a result of or unrelated to childbirth.

An essential element to bolstering women’s confidence is the perineoplasty attractive appearance. If necessary, peritoneoplasty can also be performed during the Barbie vagina aesthetics procedure.

This procedure is applicable to women of all age groups. Women in good general health may prefer this method to eliminate problems in the perineum. This operation is a combination of different surgical operations.

Perineum aesthetics is a successful procedure that women have shown great interest in recent years. It is one of the most common applications especially in the Barbie Vagina concept.

Perineoplasty treatment is performed by gynecology specialists experienced in genital aesthetics. In this way, the procedure is performed with the correct technique.

What is Perineum?

The perineum is the area between the vagina and the anus. Due to hormonal changes, normal childbirth, congenital wrinkles, and undesirable physical characteristics, some deformations may appear in this area.

Both physiological and psychological discomfort are brought on by these deformations. Inadequate stitches made during childbirth or later stitch separation can cause tissue protrusions or gaps in this area. Significant issues like pain during sexual activity and recurrent infections can result from this excess skin.

The perineal area should have some aesthetic features for women to feel comfortable during sexual intercourse. In this way, women are ensured to have a more comfortable and trouble-free sexual intercourse.

People who have problems in the perineum area can make an appointment for the procedure by contacting specialist physicians as much as possible.

Why is Perineoplasty Needed?

Almost all women are in need of a perineoplasty procedure but the underlying reason for surgery may be different for each one. The healing of the stitches that are removed during labor is usually poor.

Poorly healing stitches cause aesthetic impairment and gaps or protrusions in this area. It can cause serious physiological and psychological problems. It causes pain during sexual intercourse and recurrent vaginal infections. We can list the reasons why this surgical intervention is needed;

1- Serious deformities in the vagina due to different reasons

2- Recurrent and endless discharges, vaginal infections

3- Prolapse of the perianal (around the anus) and vaginal muscles, separation of the muscles from each other, and gas outflow or sound from the vagina

4- Women not wanting to have sexual intercourse due to lack of self-confidence

By choosing the right physician, you can eliminate these negative situations we have listed. Successful surgical operations provide many advantages to people. In order to take advantage of these advantages, you should be careful in choosing a physician.

When is Perineum Aesthetics Performed?

An opening or gap in the perineum after birth due to the birth incision, cosmetic sagging or wrinkling of the perineum, severe pain when inserting the penis or tampon, persistent vaginal itching, frequent vaginal discharge.

The need for a perineoplasty should also be addressed in situations where it is impossible to engage in sexual activity due to an uncontrollable contraction of the vagina during an attempt, when genital warts are found and are numerous in the perineum, when there is severe pain associated with either a small or wide vaginal opening, or when the rectus protrudes into the intestine.

In the perinoplasty procedure, the distance between the vagina and anus increases and becomes the distance it should be. The vagina is now closed. After the operation, the frequency of vaginal infection decreases.

People who experience the conditions we’ve listed should see a doctor right away and get the necessary tests. It is up to doctors to decide whether a surgical procedure is necessary.

To live a healthier life and to improve quality of life, perineum aesthetics should be performed. You can gain the advantages of aesthetic improvement in this way.

Whay Causes Perineum Disorder?

There are some reasons for perineum disorder. This is a common problem that women have. The perineum disorder may be caused as a result of giving birth, exposure to the human papilloma virus, opening of the episio and poor healing of the sutures, poor or non-healing of the birth stitches, muscle weakening in this area as a result of hormones not working regularly, and uterine prolapse.

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The main cause of perineal disorder is the loss of skin elasticity with the advancement of age. In some cases, it continues as a continuation of elongated inner labia and is genetic. In women, skin sagging is more common in the postmenopausal period.

Since the tissues expand and water loss increases with advancing age, it is absolutely necessary to perform perineoplasty during these periods.

Perineoplasty operation is also performed after normal delivery due to the opening of the epision or the birth incision remaining open. It can also be a component of Barbie Vagina Aesthetics. In this way, healthier sexual intercourse can be established.

What Can Cause Perineal Damage?

Having a large baby and a difficult vaginal delivery history, poor healing of the sutures applied during delivery due to insufficient care and dressing, uncontrolled tearing after normal delivery and lack of stitches, loss of effectiveness of vaginal entry muscles, physical trauma, twin or triplet births cause perineal damage.

In addition to the scenarios we’ve listed, perineal damage can also result from abrupt weight loss brought on by extreme dieting, using perineal care products that contain chemicals while receiving treatment, and using the wrong moisturizing products.

Additionally, the perineum may have irregularities for no apparent reason that are caused by genetic or hereditary factors.

Perineoplasty is usually performed in combination with vaginoplasty.

Which Areas are Repaired in Perineal Aesthetics?

With perineal aesthetics it is possible to remove health problems, irregularities, and postpartum episio scars that occur in the lower vulva from the anus to the vagina.

Additionally, the internal muscles of the vagina are typically repaired. In a nutshell, perineoplasty and vaginoplasty can be used to repair both internal and external genital structures.

Recover surgery is the term commonly used to describe these procedures. Several things need to be taken into account during the application process. These details are crucial for a seamless and natural procedure.

During the physical examination before the application, the patients’ complaints and expectations from the operation should be clearly questioned. Complaints should be clearly identified in order to achieve success and patient satisfaction as much as possible.

If the patient has urinary incontinence along with these complaints, the angle of urine outflow is examined accordingly and if necessary, it can be performed in the same session with urinary incontinence surgery.

How is Perineoplasty Performed?

This surgery is performed under local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia. The patient’s age, general health status, the degree of deformations, the type of anesthesia is determined by taking into account the treatment methods to be used.

While local anesthesia is sufficient for simple applications, sedation or general anesthesia is applied for long-lasting procedures. The procedure takes about 1 hour on average. At the end of this period, it is possible to have a new and aesthetic perineum.

A V-shaped incision is made on the back wall of the vagina after anesthesia. The injured tissues and extra skin in that area are removed through this incision. The muscle relaxations that were noticed were contracted. It stretches muscles.

  The area with compromised integrity is then stitched up. Medical threads that self-melt are employed. The healing process is accelerated in this way. Depending on the doctor’s level of experience, the procedure’s length may change.

How Long Does Perineoplasty Recovery Take?

The postoperative healing process varies from patient to patient. The recovery period is shortened by better postoperative care. Your doctor will give you clear instructions on what to pay attention to after the procedure.

In our clinic, we also provide after-procedure instructions that should be followed. Extremely heavy lifting and extremely strenuous exercise should be avoided for the first month.

The first six weeks should be free of sexual activity. Tampon usage is not advised. In the first and second days following the procedure, nausea is possible. This state is temporary.

For at least one month, avoid activities like cycling and horseback riding. After the procedure, you can go back to work 1-2 days later. The perineum should be kept as clean and healthy as possible. There is hardly any discomfort or pain.

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However, you should use the painkillers your doctor prescribed if it interferes with your social life. Spotting or smearing bleeding and discharge in small amounts is normal. These operations are not as painful as they once were.

Possible Complications of Perineoplasty

Complications following the operation are extremely unlikely. Nearly all surgical procedures carry some risk of complications. These dangers include excessive bleeding, infection symptoms, heavy, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, constipation, and trouble urinating.

These conditions don’t happen very often. They can be seen, though. By taking the antibiotics, painkillers, and stool softener treatments your doctor has prescribed after surgery, you can reduce the risk of infection and other risks.

Patients using blood thinners should not take these medicines without a doctor’s permission. Otherwise, the level of bleeding in the form of leakage may increase. If a different problem occurs in your body after discharge, you should consult a specialist physician and go for a check-up.

As long as you pay attention, you can minimize the risk of complications. Perineoplasty is a problem-free procedure as long as the correct procedures are performed.

Perineal Correction Surgery Prices 2024

Surgery prices are not fixed. Every woman has a different set of perineal deformations. To determine the cost of the surgery, a physical examination is conducted first.

The patient’s needs, the type of surgery, the type of anesthesia, and the length of the application are decided. The data collected is used to calculate procedure costs.

You must choose the physician and clinic carefully. In order to undergo a healthy operation with low complication rates, specialized and well-equipped clinics should be preferred.

The fact that the physician works intensively in the field of genital aesthetics shows that s/he has a lot of experience in this field. Surgeries performed with aesthetic concerns can have serious consequences. Choosing the right physician and clinic is critical.

What are Perineoplasty Techniques?

Perineal aesthetics consists of a variety of surgical procedures. The perineum is a region made up of many intricate and dissimilar parts. As a result, different procedures are used inside and outside the vagina.

The vaginal muscles, clitoris issues, tissue damage between the anus and vagina, and finally vaginal labia problems are all fixed. During the procedure, each of these problem areas can be fixed simultaneously.

Compliance from both patients and doctors is crucial to the success of perineoplasty surgery. Patients should discuss their expectations with their doctors in order to ensure a successful procedure.

The labia located inside and outside the vagina can be subjected to deformation in a short period of time. Deformations of these labia cause physical and psychological problems. It causes sexual reluctance in women.

Sexual reluctance leads to big problems between couples. Although perineal aesthetics is perceived as an aesthetic operation, it is often preferred especially in combined genital aesthetic surgeries to eliminate physiological problems in women.

Impact of Perineoplasty on Sexuality

Sexuality is a condition characterized by a convergence of hormonal, psychological, and physiological effects. It plays a significant role in both men’s and women’s lives.

Because of this, having a healthy sexual relationship contributes to a couple’s self-confidence and success in both their professional and personal lives. Sexuality affects more than just hormone systems. A vital requirement for having a healthy body system is sexuality.

Perineal aesthetics eliminates problems such as sexual reluctance, frequent vaginal infections, and pain during intercourse while also aesthetically correcting the perineal area of women.

Women who have aesthetic issues with their perineum do not want to engage in sexual activity because they do not feel at ease with their partners. Consequently, issues between couples arise.

Sexual relations are benefited by a condition known as perineal aesthetics. One of the key elements of Barbie Vagina aesthetics is the possibility of performing perineal aesthetics as well.

For this reason, when a patient visits a gynecology doctor with sexual function issues, their perineal aesthetics are also assessed.

What is Anus Aesthetics?

Despite the fact that many people disregard issues in the anus region, they can eventually lead to serious issues. The anus area’s problems seriously disturb people aesthetically, just like problems that arise in any other part of our bodies.

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Anus aesthetics is the practice of removing the issues in this space. Aesthetic discomfort is brought on by conditions like flesh moles, fissures, fistulas, hemorrhoids, and skin folds in the anus.

These problems we mentioned above seriously affect the hygiene of the anus. In addition, constant friction of underwear against this area, rashes and infections may occur in this area due to the heat. Aesthetic problems also cause serious physiological discomfort.

Problems in the anus area also cause problems for sexual partners. Although patients do not have a physiological problem, surgical operation can be performed with psychological and aesthetic concerns.

Following the perineoplasty procedure, anus and vagina aesthetics can be applied together. If you want to get rid of the problems in this area in a short time, you can choose this operation.

Why Are Birth Incisions Made on the Perineum?

In normal labor, some conditions may not be foreseeable. The mother’s contractions may suddenly stop and the baby’s progress may slow down as the birth progresses normally.

In order to protect the health of the mother and baby, incisions are made to complete the birth as soon as possible and at the same time to prevent uncontrolled perineal muscle tears. These incisions accelerate the progress of labor and protect the health of the mother and baby.

Incisions made during labor can heal poorly if not properly cared for and dressed. There may occasionally be a gap there if the birth incisions are sutured by inexperienced medical personnel.

The skin in this area may sag and curl as a result. The aesthetic issues brought on by suture scars are resolved following the perineoplasty procedure. Typically, sedation or local anesthesia are used during the procedure.

How to Remove Birth Stitch Marks?

During labor, incisions called episiotomies are made to prevent rapid progression of labor and uncontrolled muscle tearing. Self-dissolving sutures are then used to close these incisions.

However, if the patient neglects hygiene after being released and does not regularly dress, complications like infection could arise.

The skin in this area is cut during the surgery. The extra, sagging section is removed. Finally, the unsightly appearance is removed by re-suturing it in an aesthetic manner.

In recent years, the procedure known as a perineoplasty has become very popular for treating stitch marks. Having surgery to solve this issue is another option.

What are the Benefits of Perinoplasty?

Perineal aesthetics offers significant benefits to patients when performed at the appropriate locations. The results of surgery are permanent, and patients can lead comfortable lives.

The quality of life significantly improves because issues like urinary incontinence and gas leakage from the vagina are eliminated. The confidence of women is greatly increased. With their sexual partners, they feel more at ease.

This procedure eliminates bad scars and skin folds that occur after birth. This significantly reduces the formation of bad odor and infection in this area. It helps hormone metabolism to function regularly as healthy relationships are established.

In order to benefit from the advantages of the treatment, you should definitely remember that you should prefer reliable clinics and experienced specialist physicians in this field. Otherwise, it is not possible to get the effects you expect.

Perineoplasty Prices 2024

The cost of an operation varies depending on the physician performing the procedure, the clinic where the procedure is performed, and the anesthesia method used. They are not fixed amounts as a result.

The quality of care is drastically reduced in recently founded, profit-driven hospitals. As a result, there are various factors to take into account when selecting a doctor and clinic.

Reviews of the physician’s previous patients, surgical success rates, before and after photos, the technological equipment and success statistics should be taken into consideration.

Although the application is performed as a result of aesthetic concerns, there is a risk rate in medical procedures. We recommend that you contact the clinic to get detailed information about perineoplasty prices and to examine previous procedures.