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Vaginal Whitening the removal of darkening in the genital area that occurs over time for a variety of reasons is referred to as vaginal whitening. This is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations by women in recent years.

Different treatment methods are favored as a result of increasing demands. These darkening in the bikini area also disturbs women aesthetically.

This is a common condition experienced by most women. Since the underarm and bikini area looks aesthetically unpleasant, it leads to lack of self-confidence and psychological problems.

The external genital area in women is called vulva. This problem can be permanently eliminated by gynecology specialists in line with simple procedures applied to the vulva.

What Causes Vaginal Darkening?

Vaginal darkening is a problem observed in every woman, but the causes are different. Whatever the underlying cause, this condition can be eliminated in a short time with the vaginal whitening process. If we list the causes of vulva darkening;

  • Sudden hormonal changes due to menopause, pregnancy and childbirth
  • Prolonged use of the birth control pill
  • Experiencing gynecological disorders such as polycystic ovary
  • Improper epilation practices such as waxing and the use of razor blades.

These are the most common factors leading to darkening of the vagina. Additionally, incorrect laser application, the use of synthetic underwear, excessive weight gain and wearing too tight clothing can also result in this condition.

Why is Vaginal Whitening Performed?

Vaginal darkening poses no physiological problem. But during sexual intercourse, women may feel bad and embarrassed towards their partners.

The relationship becomes problematic because women experience a lack of self-confidence, especially when the degree of darkening is high. Vaginal treatment is applied to avoid the occurrence of psychological problems and to help establish healthier sexual relationships.

When performed by specialist physicians using the right techniques, very successful results can be achieved. If you are also faced with the problem of darkening of the vagina, you can contact a doctor immediately.

What is Vaginal Whitening?

The skin color turning a darker color with the occurrence of problems in the color pigments of the skin tissue in the vulva area due to different reasons is an uncomfortable situation.

The process of lightening the skin color with the help of non-surgical applications and the employment of technological means is called vaginal whitening.  An aesthetic appearance can be achieved by lightening the skin tone by an average of 2-3 tons.

While it is not a surgical procedure, it must be performed by physicians with advanced medical knowledge. In recent years, it has been applied as laser treatment or various product applications in beauty centers. However, people who do not want to face serious side effects should definitely prefer specialist physicians.

How to Whiten Vagina?

Vaginal whitening can now be done using a variety of treatment methods. The vagina can be made lighter using mesotherapy, laser therapy, solutions, and chemical peels.

Chemical peeling and laser therapy are the two most frequently used treatment modalities. Additionally, it can be used with products that are frequently applied in a single session.

Local anesthetic cream or spray is applied on the skin. Once the cream takes effect, a laser device with a special head is used on the skin. The procedure takes 25 minutes. Laser beams cause destruction in the melanocyte cells of the skin. In this way, melonin secretion stops and the skin tone lightens.

The top layer of the skin, the epidermis, is peeled off following this procedure. The skin tissue is crusted and shed in a controlled manner. White and more vibrant skin emerges from underneath.

In the same process, a deep peeling can be done with chemical peeling processes containing special chemicals. Thus, you can have a brighter and brighter genital appearance.

Why Does the Genital Area Darken?

Vagina is an organ that is easily subject to discoloration due to environmental factors. Darkening may occur due to body-related conditions.

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Pregnancy, the use of daily pads, the use of non-cotton underwear, laser epilation, depilatory creams with chemical ingredients, cleansers and deodorants that disrupt the pH balance of the skin are among the causes of darkening.

Mild darkening may not cause inconvenience, while increasing darkening may lead to aesthetic concerns. Depending on the degree of darkening, proper vaginal whitening treatment should be preferred.

The skin tissue in the vulva area is very thin and sensitive. For this reason, utmost care must be shown and all cleaning procedures must be applied to this area.

Why Does the Vagina (Vulva) Darken?

It is normal for the color of the vulva to darken with advancing age. Darkening may occur due to reasons such as the skin color of the person, genetic darkening of the vulva in the family, frequent childbirth, early menopause, problems in the hormone mechanism, drugs used for the treatment of different diseases, with diabetes and contraception methods.

When the reason for darkening is known for sure, a treatment should be applied to eliminate the cause before the vaginal procedure. In order to prevent the problem of darkening again after the bleaching process, the factors must be eliminated. In this way, more permanent and perfect results can be achieved.

To Whom Can Vaginal Whitening Be Applied?

The procedure can be applied to people who do not have hormonal disorders, who are in good general health and who do not have any health problems for the procedure.

It is generally not advised for pregnant women, women in puerperium, cancer patients, people with advanced hormone disorders, or people with skin disorders. Darkening increases with advancing age.

For this reason, people who notice darkening should be treated immediately so that the dark color does not go below the skin tone. People who want to have this procedure should have completed hormone development.

What Causes Vagina Darkening?

Failure to adequately regulate the hygiene of the perineum, long-term use of hormone-containing contraceptive methods, prolonged smoking, consumption of harmful substances that affect the circulatory system such as alcohol, pregnancy, childbirth and chemical exposure are among the causes of vaginal darkening.

As an outcome of the studies, sudden weight gain and loss have been found to cause darkening as well. Women with active sexual life want to eliminate aesthetic problems in the vulva area to be more comfortable with their partners. You can eliminate these problems by choosing treatments applied by specialist doctors in equipped clinics.

What to Consider After Vaginal Whitening?

Several things need to be taken into account after the procedure. These considerations are crucial to both maximizing the procedure’s impact and preventing complications from arising.

For at least two days after the vaginal whitening procedure, the skin shouldn’t come in contact with water. In this way, the sensitive application area quickly enters the healing phase. Use the creams your doctor has prescribed for at least 15 days.

These creams help to keep the skin’s moisture balance in check. Crusted skin tissue sheds more easily. Hormone-containing birth control medications should not be used for too long.

Depending on the intensity of the darkening, the procedure may have satisfactory effects when applied in a single session. The procedure has great advantages. However, it should be treated in clinics that offer quality and reliable treatment services.

What are the Benefits of Gynecologic Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is frequently preferred because the image is magnified several times during the procedure. The benefits of this procedure for patients are numerous. Aftercare complications are unlikely to occur. There is little time for recovery.

Unlike open surgery, which requires numerous stitches, the procedure’s incision is very small. Very little pain and pain sensation exists. decreases the duration of hospital stays. It offers significant benefits for many gynecological diseases in the treatment of both doctors and patients.

Under Which Conditions Does Genital Area Darkening Increase?

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Darkening of the genital area may worsen as a result of various diseases. The polycystic ovary syndrome, insulin resistance, Cushing’s syndrome, Addison’s disease, inadequate hormone system function, diabetes, obesity, thyroid disorders, and tumor growths that cause adrenal gland hormone secretion are among these conditions.

Darkening that occurs as a result of these disorders should be treated after the diseases are cured. Otherwise, blackening occurs again. Darkening may also occur as a side effect of the drugs used for the treatment of diseases. Therefore, it is important to complete the healing period.

Vaginal (Vulva) Bleaching Treatments

Vulva bleaching treatments have different forms of application. The doctor should decide which method should be used for the procedure after performing a physical examination Special solutions, chemical peels, laser application, and mesotherapy are all used.

In vaginal procedures, chemical peeling and laser technology are most frequently used. It is preferred because it is a simple treatment method to use and has an immediate impact. The durability of the effect should be taken into account when selecting a treatment strategy.

In this way, a treatment method that you can be satisfied with the result of the procedure is determined by the physician. Some patients may require combination treatments.

How to Perform Laser Genital Area Bleaching?

Laser beams or chemical peeling penetrate down to a certain layer of skin tissue and damage the target cells in this area under controlled conditions. Thanks to this, the expected effect is achieved. In vaginal treatment, laser beams of a specific wave size destroy the melanocyte cells in the epidermis layer that give color to the skin.

Chemical peeling has a similar effect in the same way. Thanks to this, no matter how much darkening occurs due to different reasons, the expected effect is achieved through laser treatment.

This treatment method can be safely applied to people of all age groups. Darkening problem may occur in people of all ages and this causes psychological discomfort.

After Laser Vaginal Whitening

Following the procedure, redness and swelling appear in the application area. Redness and swelling disappear spontaneously after 1-2 weeks. The uppermost layer of the skin begins to dry and fall off a few days after the procedure.

After a certain period of time, the upper layer of the vulva is completely peeled off. Underneath, a lively, plump and whiter colored pinkish skin tissue is formed.

For the first month following laser vaginal whitening or chemical peeling, it is not advised to go into places like baths, saunas, and pools. Chemical-containing body lotions and genital area cleaning shampoos are not used. You should never apply any products other than the products recommended by your doctor to this area.

Risks of Laser Vaginal Whitening

Procedures performed by specialist physicians with equipped laser devices have almost no risk. Nevertheless, there may be serious risks in procedures carried out by unreliable and unqualified aestheticians.

The main risk factors that may arise post-procedure are risks such as skin burns, infection, increase in the degree of darkening compared to before the procedure and infectious diseases.

Please note that the laser device used must have a specific wavelength. Unless this wavelength is adjusted correctly, the rays can cause serious burns on the skin.

For this reason, the procedure should be performed by physicians who know in which layer the coloring cells are located and who know very well what degree of laser beam should be given for the procedure.

There may be allergy in the chemical peeling process. Vaginal whitening procedure is applied with aesthetic concerns. You should therefore be careful not to deal with serious complications after the procedure and you should be treated by a physician who specializes in genital aesthetics.

Choosing a Vaginal Whitening Center

Vaginal whitening, an application that has been applied by women increasingly in recent years, is performed in many centers. The increase in the number of centers has led to a reduction in the quality of the procedure and an increase in complication rates.

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Those who prefer laser treatment to remove vaginal darkening should pay attention to some issues in choosing a center.

The equipment available at the center must be new generation laser devices. Persons conducting the procedure must be physicians or trained health professionals.

Feedbacks of previous patients should be reviewed. A gynecologist specializing in genital aesthetics, including chemical peeling applications, should perform your treatment.

Risks of Vaginal Whitening

There is a risk, albeit minimal, in almost all medical aesthetic applications. Risk factors may vary based on the patient and the clinic where the procedure is performed. Severe allergic reactions may occur after the procedure.

These problems may occur in people with sensitive skin structure and who are likely to have allergic reactions. If people who want to have the procedure have such a problem, they should definitely specify beforehand.

No serious reactions have been observed after vaginal application. As long as you pay attention to the choice of clinic and physician, you would not face any problems.

Is Bleaching Vagina Permanent?

The procedure duration varies completely depending on the patient. Darkening may repeat within a short time in patients who do not pay enough attention to the doctor’s post-procedure recommendations.

It is seen that everyone who have undergone vaginal whitening outcomes. After the whitening process is successfully completed, genital area care should be applied correctly.

Any diseases that may result in darkening should be treated immediately in the early period. Harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes should not be used. Chemical products that will cause blackening should never be used.

Is Vaginal Whitening Safe?

Vaginal whitening is a safe treatment method as long as reliable procedures are preferred at the right addresses. Procedures performed using unknown devices in centers that are not authorized and competent only for the sake of affordable costs, are definitely not recommended.

At such locations, you can not know what kind of complications you might face. You should pay attention to the centers you choose in order to ensure healthy procedures and increase the success rate.

You must review patient comments and compare the success and complication rates of different centers. In this way, you can decide whether a center is reliable or not.

In Which Diseases Cause Genital Area Darkening?

Darkening of the genital area and armpits can occur as a symptom of different diseases or as a side effect of various treatments. This problem occurs in cases such as hormonal system diseases, metabolic diseases, skin disorders, weight problems and infectious diseases.

When you go to specialists with the complaint of darkening, they may first request some tests. In this way, the root cause of the darkening problem is investigated. After the root cause is determined, it is more accurate to apply whitening.

Certain stages of life are when genetic factors become apparent. We might experience this circumstance in the future if there is a genetic disorder in the family that alters the tone of the skin color. Because of this, conducting in-depth research and figuring out the disease’s precise causes is always half of the treatment process.

What Causes Vaginismus?

The main cause of vaginismus is psychological problems. Physical and psychological issues are important for people to have sexual intercourse. Women are at risk of vaginismus unless they are comfortable and confident with their sexual partners.

This disorder causes serious problems between couples. In general, hormone disorders, lack of self-confidence, genital area darkening, vaginal deformities and skin sagging are among the main causes of vaginismus.

The better the vaginal aesthetics, the higher the self-confidence of women. Women who consult a doctor with vaginismus problem are physically examined. The physical appearance, color and labia of the vagina are examined.

Color change is one of the leading reasons for not wanting to have sexual intercourse. Therefore, this problem can be eliminated by vaginal whitening.

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