What is Vagina Outer Labia Reduction? How is Vaginal Labia Sagging Treatment Performed?

The process of surgically reducing the outer labia on the outside of the vagina and the area that covers the vaginal opening from the outside is called vagina outer labia reduction.

Sagging and enlargement of the outer labia majoraplasty may occur due to reasons such as advancing age, giving birth, weight gain, sudden weight loss and inadequate functioning of hormones.

This causes serious problems when urinating and having sexual intercourse. Women may want to reduce the volume of the outer labia of the vagina and correct their sagging for these reasons.

There is a need for surgical interventions for reasons such as sagging, aging, wrinkling, wrinkling and asymmetry between the outer labia of the vagina. Over time, this area may also lose its fullness and the skin over it may sag.

Before menopause, labia may enlarge due to changes in hormonal balance. Regardless of the cause of growth, these problems can be eliminated in a short time with the correct treatment methods.

Women constantly strive to feel attractive and aesthetic. They frequently favor different treatment modalities as a result. The vaginal area must be at the aesthetically desired level for a person to feel secure and at ease with their spouse.

Medical advancements have made it possible to perform aesthetic procedures. By distinguishing between internal and external genitalia, a treatment plan is modified. Gynecology experts with genital aesthetics experience provide vaginal aesthetics.

Vagina Outer Labia Reduction Surgery

The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia or sedation. The duration of the operation lasts an hour on average. Anesthesia time is also included in this duration. Recovery period is short. No pain and pain sensation occurs.

This is a comfortable treatment method for patients. People who prioritize aesthetic concerns are those who go to regular doctor controls and have these procedures done in the early period. Therefore, the success rate of the procedures also increases.

Vaginal Outer Labia Sagging Treatment

The outer labia of the vagina are made up of fat cells and skin. The lips (labia) are deformed and prolapse occurs as a result of aging, normal childbirth, sudden weight loss and wearing tight-fitting underwear.

Treatment of sagging is performed by two different methods. The appropriate method is selected in the light of the patient’s age, weight and hormone metabolism.

The simple and common procedure is the surgical excision of the sagging part of the outer labia. This procedure is called Labium Majus Reduction. Thus, a more compact genital appearance is achieved.

Sagging skin is removed from the outer labia through an incision, which is then resutured with self-melting aesthetic threads. Since it is a surgical intervention, the results are long-lasting.

People with severe sagging and people who are typically over 40 are advised to use this technique. Under local anesthesia, vagina outer labia reduction surgery can be safely carried out. Those who are in generally good health are candidates for this procedure.

What is the Outer Labia?

The labium majus is made up of two different structures on the outside of the vagina, surrounding the outer side of the labia minora. Their function is thought to be only to protect the vagina.

The problem of darkening usually occurs in this area. Color, shape, structure and size of the outer labia vary from person to person. Outer lip reduction is performed on the labia that deform over time.

In the overall view of the vagina, the outer labia are a significant area. This area is enlarged, especially in Barbie Vagina aesthetics. However, some people might prefer a smaller area.

Applications in both surgery and medical aesthetics are used to solve issues in this region. At any age, the outer labia can develop issues. Because of this, you can get these procedures done whenever you need to without wasting time due to your age.

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Where is the Outer Labia?

This is a bumpy tissue lining the entrance to the vagina between the anus and the clitoris from the outside. Its main task is to protect the vagina against environmental influences. It covers the labia minora and prevents foreign substances from entering the vaginal opening.

The outer labia is a structure that is rich in blood vessels and lymphatics. It has a flexible structure. It is called the external genital area because of the area where the outer labia are located.

Outer labia issues may be caused by genetic factors, but may also occur due to external influences. Having frequent sexual intercourse, medications used for the treatment of different diseases, even wrong and prolonged diets can impair the aesthetics of the outer labia.

Due tp such problems that arise in the outer labia, women want to keep themselves away from sexual intercourse. Temporary treatments can tire people both financially and morally. Outer lip reduction is one of the most common genital area surgeries.

Causes of Vaginal Outer Labia Sagging

The reasons for outer labia sagging may differ from patient to patient. In people with skin tissue that is not very strong, especially in people whose muscles do not have sufficient tension, sagging is observed at an earlier age.

Although the main cause of sagging is the inability of the muscles to function, there may also be different problems. As a result of the researches, outer lip sagging has been definitively determined. The causes of sagging that we generally encounter;

1- Having frequent vaginal births, having excessive tears during labor and giving birth to a large baby

2- Frequent and regular sexual intercourse and loss of volume

3- Hormone systems not working sufficiently and loss of form in the labia

4- Bariatric surgery, sudden weight loss due to reasons such as emptying of the skin and abundant skin

5- With advancing age, the skin losing its elasticity, not being able to resist gravity and sagging significantly.

The causes of sagging labia that we have listed are those that almost every woman encounters. The proper treatment techniques make it possible to permanently reverse vaginal sagging.

Additionally, outer labia sagging treatment is a helpful method of treatment that heightens the level of clitoral orgasm felt during sexual activity. The outer labia reduction surgery makes it possible to permanently solve the sagging issue.

Labium Majus Reduction

Labium majus can have a tendency to grow in an uncontrolled manner. Labia majus that grow more than normal cause aesthetic and physiological health problems. It is possible to reduce it permanently after surgical intervention. Labium majus is reduced with reduction surgery.

Should you face uncontrolled outer labia enlargement, you can consult with specialist physicians and have the necessary treatment method performed.

Outer labia reduction is confused with labiaplasty. Labiaplasty is the treatment method of the inner labia, that is, the sagging of the vaginal tongue.

What Are Outer Labia for?

It provides protection of the clitoris, urinary canal, inner labia and vaginal entrance from external influences. It has a very important place in the formation of genital aesthetics by covering the external genital area.

It is completely covered with hair.  It has no serious function. However, it has a great place in terms of aesthetics. Skin problems occurring in this area can usually be eliminated with the outer labia reduction procedure.

How Does Labia Sagging Go Away?

The underlying root cause must be first identified in order to properly treat sagging labia. Surgical intervention is used if the sagging has progressed.

However, treatment can be used in young patients and those whose collagen production is still active as a result of rejuvenating straightforward medical procedures like hyaluronic acid injections.

For those who want permanent treatment, labium majus aesthetics, which has gained popularity recently, is used. The outer labia reduction procedure is combined with a labia sagging treatment.

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How Should the Vagina Outer Labia Look Like?

The outer labia have a fixed, idealized image that is desired to be permanent. Always have full, taut, and fresh-looking outer labia. Never should the skin have a saggy, wrinkled texture.

It should have a line-like appearance in the center when viewed from the outside, and the edges shouldn’t sag. These structures, which are impacted by outside factors like aging and weight changes, can be fixed quickly.

How to Perform Vagina Outer Labia Reduction?

Applied under local anesthesia and sedation in a clinical setting. The vagina outer labia, which enlarge due to different reasons, are prone to irritation and skin infections. It creates serious visual pollution. Before the procedure, it is determined to what extent they will be reduced.

The area for this reduction is then marked in the shape of a moon. The incision is made in this area. Accumulated skin tissue and fat tissue are removed. The procedure lasts an average of 60 minutes. This time may vary depending on the size of the labia.

No scarring is expected after the procedure. The physician’s manual skill and the treatment method used are other factors affecting the duration of the procedure. Vagina outer labia reduction operation is performed by plastic surgeons or gynecology specialists experienced in genital aesthetics.

Who is A Candidate for Reduction Surgery?

This surgery is applicable to persons who are in good general health and who do not have any obstacles to receive anesthesia.

It is not recommended for pregnant women, puerperium, people with hormone system diseases and people with serious autoimmune disorders. The physician decides whether it is suitable for vagina outer labia reduction after performing the necessary controls.

Why Reduce the Outer Labia?

Labia minora that are abnormally large can have negative health effects. Embarrassment, frequent vaginal discharge, difficulty using the restroom during menstruation, improper perineum hygiene, and recurrent urinary tract infections are all possible problems women can be faced with.

To solve the health issues we’ve listed, outer labia reduction surgery is required. Even if you visit a doctor with aesthetic concerns, it is a medically necessary treatment method. This approach helps to prevent health issues. The genital area is protected and healthy sexual interaction is ensured.

Age Limit for Vagina Outer Labia Sagging

Sagging of the vaginal labia is a health issue that typically develops as people get older. Additionally, this procedure is required before the age of 18 for conditions like trauma and accidents, congenital anomalies, childhood obesity, and hormonal imbalances.

In general, women between the ages of 18 and 65 are candidates for vaginal reduction surgery. On the advice of a doctor, people over this age can receive this treatment method.

When Does Outer Labia Minor Lip Reduction Aesthetics Heal?

Surgical operations usually require an average of 4 weeks for a complete recovery. This time is necessary for the sutures to heal, the swelling to subside and the new shape of the vagina to form. The patient can resume normal routine work life 2-3 days after the procedure.

There are some points to be considered for a healthier and smoother recovery period. Dressings should be applied regularly for the first week. After one week, you should definitely go to the doctor’s control.

Post-Treatment Care For Vaginal Outer Labia Filling?

For the first 24 hours, avoid getting any water on the vagina. After the procedure, there should be a four-week period of no sexual activity. For a month, stay away from places like pools, saunas, and baths.

It is not advisable to wear synthetic underwear because it could cause infections. Chemicals should not be present in creams or genital cleansing products used in the genital area. Wide, breathable underwear made of cotton should be worn.

Those Who Had Vaginal Outer Labia Sagging Surgery

The procedure is typically carried out alongside labiaplasty, or inner labia aesthetics. Nearly all of the patients who have the procedure done by specialized doctors using modern technological products are very happy with the outcome.

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You should pay attention to the clinic and physician you choose if you want to be content with the results. When selecting a clinic, there are some aspects to take into account.

You can make a better decision if you read the reviews left by previous patients. The last criterion to be taken into account should be costs of the operation.

Vagina Outer Labia Reduction Prices 2024

The prices of the procedures are not fixed fees. The cost varies according to the duration of the procedure and the treatment technique used, the brand of non-marking suture materials. In order to have a healthy and reliable treatment, do not rely on institutions that offer below-market price offers.

What is the Outer Labia Length in the Vagina?

Distance between the clitoris and the perineum on the outer side is called the length of the outer labia. The size may differ depending on the patient’s body size.

Since aesthetic problems may occur in people who have too long or sagging labia, vagina labia reduction is preferred. After the necessary physical examination is performed by the doctor, the reduction rate is determined.

This procedure should be performed after the volumes of the external genital organs are determined. The procedures performed by specialist physicians with advanced manual skills are satisfactory.

One of the Vagina Outer Labia Being Large?

One of the outer labia of the vagina may be larger than the other due to circumstances like congenital abnormality, genetic factors, accidents, and trauma. It doesn’t cause any physiological issues, but it can be extremely uncomfortable psychologically.

It makes women who place a high priority on appearance suffer from a severe lack of self-confidence. Having undergone vaginal labia reduction surgery, this asymmetry can be fixed.

Unilateral labia size issues can arise for a variety of reasons, including trauma and accidents on the road. People who are concerned with appearance have issues when these labia are deformed.

Why Do Vagina Outer Labia Sag?

The outer labia can sag for many reasons. Advancing age and decreased collagen production can leave the skin vulnerable to gravity. Therefore, sagging occurs in different areas of the body.

The outer labia are filled with fat cells. Therefore, it is normal for sagging to occur in a short time. People who are uncomfortable with the appearance of sagging outer labia can eliminate this problem with the vagina outer labia reduction procedure.

What Causes Inner Labia Sagging?

It seriously disturbs women in terms of aesthetics. Women are unwilling to engage in sexual activity because of aesthetic issues with the vagina. It causes serious issues for couples. It may cause urine to disperse or move asymmetrically during urination.

It is the reason why vaginal infections occur frequently. The result is fungus infections. This is why you should get help right away if your vagina’s inner labia are sagging.

Vagina Outer Labia Being Too Small?

Small outer labia can also result in serious issues, in addition to large outer labia. Sagging of the inner labia happens quickly, especially in those with an active sexual life.

Small outer labia can’t conceal this sagging, which results in a very unattractive aesthetic appearance. Gynecology specialists can treat patients with small labia in a clinical setting without using an operating room.

As the most frequently applied method in recent years, the outer labia, hyaluronic acid injection or fat transfer are used to make the small labia fuller and to the desired size.

In order to have the vaginal outer labia of your dreams, you can have procedures such as vagina outer labia reduction and filling by choosing specialist physicians in the field.