What is the hymen? What is its anatomical structure?

The “hymen” structure, also known as the “maidenhead” among the people, is a vaginal mucosal fold in the female genitalia, located at the entrance of the vagina about 1 cm, pale pinkish in color, about 1-1.5 mm thick, usually with a hole in the middle, similar to a ring shape. The starts with the hymen at the entrance of the vagina and ends when it rests against the cervix.

Anatomical structure of the hymen differs from one person to another, but it can usually be perforated in the middle so that menstrual blood can flow or, very rarely, it can be completely closed. If the hymen is closed, a surgical operation is required to drain the menstrual blood.

The question of whether bleeding occurs if the hymenoplasty turkey is flexible is an intriguing one. Bleeding may not always be visible in the first intercourse because the structure of the hymen, which is suitable for penetration, i.e., in the annular ring style, which is known as flexible among people, is not very rich in capillaries.

In some societies, the hymen and bleeding during the first intercourse are very important. The structure of the hymen, the possibility of bleeding during intercourse, its elasticity is only possible with a virginity examination. If the patient consents, there is no harm in a virginity examination.

How much does hymenoplasty cost in Turkey?

Like any medical operation, the cost of a hymenoplasty in Turkey can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the particular clinic or hospital, the surgeon’s experience, and the location of Turkey. In Turkey, hymenoplasty procedures can cost anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

It’s crucial to remember that costs may have changed after my previous update, therefore it’s strongly advised to get in touch with medical centers that provide hymenoplasty procedures in Turkey directly to find out the most up-to-date and precise price quotes. Take into account other elements as well, like the clinic’s standing, the surgeon’s credentials, and the available amenities.

When you ask for a detailed breakdown of the prices, you should get an accurate answer on the cost of hymenoplasty. Pre-operative consultations, post-operative care, and any required prescription drugs may all be included in the total cost at some clinics.

Prior to having any medical treatment, particularly one as significant to culture or personal life as a hymenoplasty, it is important to do your homework and select a reliable, recognized medical center. Additionally, to learn more about the operation, possible risks, and anticipated results, schedule a consultation with a licensed surgeon.

Is hymenoplasty haram?

Islamic scholars and communities may have different views on whether hymenoplasty is prohibited (haram) in Islam. This is an issue of religious interpretation. A hymenoplasty is a surgical treatment used to repair or reconstruct the hymen, a thin membrane that covers part of the vaginal entrance.

Islamic law, or Sharia, is frequently used to determine whether medical operations, such as reconstructive or cosmetic surgeries, are acceptable. Opinions on the subject may differ amongst academics and religious authority. There are many who contend that hymenoplasty is appropriate in specific situations, as when a woman has the operation done for private or cultural reasons, or if a doctor certifies it as a medical need. Some may think that these kinds of processes are superfluous and perhaps against Islamic principles.

It is imperative that persons thinking about hymenoplasty or any other medical procedure—for reasons that are personal, cultural, or religious—speak with competent religious scholars, especially those who are familiar with Islamic law. Depending on one’s unique situation and goals, seeking advice from a recognized religious authority can offer a more focused and knowledgeable viewpoint.

In order to talk about the medical and possible psychological effects of such operations, people might also wish to think about consulting with mental health and medical professionals. Individuals are encouraged to make well-informed judgments after giving it significant thought and consulting with pertinent specialists, as balancing religious considerations with personal well-being and ethical issues is a difficult affair.

How long does hymenoplasty last?

What is the duration of a hymenoplasty? As long as the patient abstains from sexual activity, the hymenoplasty’s effects last.

Does hymenoplasty really work?

A hymenoplasty is a surgical treatment used to repair or reconstruct the hymen, a thin membrane that covers part of the vaginal entrance. Hymenoplasty may not always be successful in “recreating” or “restoring” the hymen, and there may be other drawbacks to the surgery.

Hymenoplasty success is contingent upon a number of factors, such as the specific surgical technique employed, the surgeon’s training and expertise, the patient’s anatomy, and the healing process. It’s crucial to remember that while a restored hymen may arise as a result of the surgery, the results may differ and the regenerated tissue may not look exactly like the original hymen.

Furthermore, there is no direct correlation between a person’s sexual history or virginity and the physical presence or absence of an intact hymen. The presence or absence of hymen can be a sign of sexual activity, although hymen can also gradually fade with time as a result of tampon use, exercise, or normal body development.

Before contemplating a hymenoplasty or any other type of cosmetic surgery, patients should do extensive study, speak with licensed and experienced medical specialists, and think about any possible psychological and/or physical adverse effects. It’s critical to make educated selections based on unique circumstances and preferences and to have reasonable expectations for the results.

It is best to consult with relevant religious authorities, medical professionals, and mental health specialists if someone is thinking about having a hymenoplasty for cultural, religious, or personal reasons. This will help to ensure that the person is well informed about the procedure and any potential consequences.

Where is the hymen located?

It is situated 0.5–1 cm inside the vagina in the shape of a vaginal mucosa fold. Although it varies from person to person, its thickness is typically between 2-4 mm.

How does the hymen rupture?

One of the questions that patients have is whether the hymen ruptures during intercourse with friction. In some instances, during frictional intercourse, tearing may take place if the hymen is sensitive and localized to the outer part.

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The patient can have a virginity examination by a trained gynecologist if she has had friction-based sexual activity and is concerned that the hymen may be torn.

How is the hymen damaged?

The thin mucosal fold at the vaginal entrance can occasionally rupture. Damage to this condition, also known as hymen rupture, can occur for a variety of causes. Sexual contact is the most typical cause.

A rupture may also happen as a result of a fall, a hard object accidentally entering the vagina, or a finger inserted too deeply during masturbation.

Many people wonder if the hymen is damaged after a fall from a bicycle. In some cases, if blood has also come, yes, it may be broken. If the bleeding does not stop, you should definitely go to a gynecologist for a check-up.

Whether the hymen can be damaged by friction is also frequently wondered by patients. Frictional sexual satisfaction is very common among young people.

If the penis is inclined towards the entrance of the vagina during friction and coincides with the entrance of the woman’s vagina, there may still be a rupture.

How can you tell if the hymen is damaged?

After sexual intercourse, women experience bleeding, spotting, or smearing bleeding. It’s possible that not every first sex will result in bleeding. It is the circumstance known as the hymen’s elasticity in common parlance. Usually, bleeding starts during the first sex act. The bleeding indicates that the hymen is broken.

How to examine the hymen?

First, the patient is placed in a position to open the vulva and vaginal area by placing both feet on the gynecological table.

The specialist makes the structure of the hymen, known as the hymen, visible by pulling the labium majus, or the labia majora, towards himself with the aid of two sponges. Thus, the notch caused by sexual activity is noted if the hymen is torn. This is how the hymen’s tear status is determined.

How to repair the hymen?

Two different techniques are available. Temporary hymen repair and permanent hymen repair. If the patient seeks to have a temporary hymen repair, she should have this procedure done one week or 10 days before intercourse. in this process, the hymen in the form of residue is brought back together with a special technique.

The entire process lasts about 15 minutes. The procedure to repair a permanent hymen can be done whenever the patient wants. Even after ten years, she still notices bleeding even after having sex. Using this technique, the mucous tissue in the vagina is used to produce a new hymen.

A special technique is used to suture with non-marking stitches. Both methods are reliable. The important thing here is the technique and experience of the surgeon. Otherwise, an undesirable and inconclusive procedure will be performed.

When to perform hymen repair (Hymenoplasty)?

If the temporary Hymen repair is to be done, the patient must have the procedure done within one week and ten days before intercourse. It is not recommended that the procedure is performed earlier.

If it is a permanent hymen repair, there should be at least 1 month between the date of intercourse. It can also be done earlier. If a there will be a permanent hymen repair procedure, the hymen retains its repaired structure even after 5 years.

How to repair the hymen?

The surgery is applied permanently and temporarily by a specialist gynecologist with special techniques. These procedures can be performed in an office environment under local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia, preserving the patient’s complete confidentiality.

There are two different methods: permanent and temporary.

How many types of hymen are there?

There are many different kinds of hymens, including annular hymens with rounded annuli in the center, septate hymens with a septum in the middle, subseptate hymens with a septum in the middle, crescent hymens, and fimbrial hymens.

The hymen may occasionally be congenitally closed completely. Because menstrual blood will build up inside in such circumstances, the woman is unable to menstruate and must have the uterus surgically opened. Genetic traits determine the hymen’s structural makeup.

How does hymenoplasty with the flap method work?

One of the permanent hymenoplasty methods is the flap method, in which the flap is turned from the vaginal mucosa and the hymen is recreated from scratch using a special technique.

By using a dissection technique, the bottom of the vaginal mucosa is separated sufficiently to form a hymen, and the hymen is then tied with a special thread that leaves no trace so that it can form once more.

How long do flap operations take?

A healthy flap operation takes an average of 20-40 minutes. The anesthesia method applied to this person may vary according to the tissue structure of the person.

Are flap operations painful?

The patient experiences no pain whatsoever during or after the procedure because long-acting local anesthetics are used.

How is microsurgical hymenoplasty performed?

Hymenoplasty procedure, which used to take longer with classical techniques, has now been shortened in time by cutting and re-sewing the ends of the hymen ends with microsurgical techniques. The cut ends are sutured again with special tools used for microsurgery.

Laser hymenoplasty

Recent technological advancements have led to the use of the laser method in hymenoplasty procedures. In contrast to traditional methods, the procedure involves a laser-assisted incision and novel sewing techniques.

Hymenoplasty can be performed in the early period after intercourse. There is no harm in hymen repair after fresh menstruation.

When to perform a temporary hymen repair?

In the temporary procedure, it is necessary to have the procedure done no later than 10 days before intercourse. It can be done a week before. It can also be done 2 days before.

How to perform a temporary hymen repair?

The temporary procedure involves repairing the remnants of the hymen by bringing the ends of the hymen together using a special technique. A new hymen is not created. The ends of the existing hymen are joined together.

Is temporary hymenoplasty painful?

Since long-lasting local anesthetics are used in the procedure, there is absolutely no pain. The area is completely numbed. It is a daily procedure. The patient is discharged after the procedure.

Which anesthesia method to prefer?

Under local anesthesia or sedation (mild anesthesia), painless and painless methods can be applied.

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What is the probability of success in hymenoplasty?

The success rate varies depending on the surgeon’s experience, the technique used, the patient’s collagen and vaginal structure, and the patient’s ability to adapt to the post-operative care. For this reason, the patient is called for control after a month, especially after permanent repair.

In the process of permanent hymen repair, information is provided about whether it holds or not. Patients who cannot come to the control can also get information from the physician about how the operation went after the procedure. Hymenoplasty performed by gynecologists working specifically on genital aesthetics increases the success rate considerably.

Do gynecologists or plastic surgeons perform hymen repair?

The likelihood of the procedure’s success is increased when the repair is carried out by gynecologists with extensive experience in genital aesthetics because these doctors have a stronger understanding of genital anatomy. Gynecologists perform hymenoplasty operations.

Are there any risks associated with hymenoplasty?

Pre-procedure chronic diseases, allergy history, blood problems of the patient are inquired by the physician. Thus, the risk is minimized. Since the procedure will be performed in a local area, the risk is almost negligible.

Hymenoplasty prices in 2024

Hymenoplasty prices differ depending on whether the patient wants a temporary or permanent procedure and the type of anesthesia.

How much hymenoplasty costs?

Hymenoplasty prices may vary from clinic to clinic and from physician to physician. The type of anesthesia to be applied is also effective in prices. Prices are more affordable than other genital operations.

Can people recognize that I had hymenoplasty?

Even gynecologists frequently oversee the procedure during routine examinations. It is impossible to be recognized if the procedure is carried out with the proper technique and with stitches that do not leave scars.

The mucosa recovers without leaving a scar. The gynecologist will be able to comprehend if they have a lot of experience in this area. Due to patient confidentiality, the patient’s family is not informed.

Would my partner understand that I had hymenoplasty?

It is not possible for you partner to understand that you had a hymenoplasty operation. The patient follows the doctor’s instructions after the operation and it is very difficult for the other party to recognize this after healing.

Moreover, even if she goes to a virginity examination, only a very experienced physician can understand this situation after healing.

Can hymenoplasty be detected during an examination?

Even during a virginity examination, the majority of doctors are unaware that the patient had hymenoplasty before. However, the doctor conducting the examination can detect this circumstance, particularly if he has experience with hymen repair or genital aesthetics.

Can hymenoplasty be detected?

Such hymen repairs are usually done within 1 week to 10 days before the wedding or ceremony. Since the stitches are secretly placed on the hymen, it is not possible for the partner to understand this situation. During intercourse, there is usually a lot of bleeding in temporary repair. It is a type of repair with high patient satisfaction.

Can permanent hymenoplasty be detected?

The permanent hymenoplasty must be done at least one month prior to the date of sexual activity. The procedure is ongoing forever. Even if the patient experiences sexual activity after five or fifteen years, the repair is carried out in such a way that bleeding is anticipated in permanent hymenoplasty.

After full healing, the other party will not be able to comprehend this situation. In fact, a woman who has recently given birth can still undergo permanent hymen repair.

How Long Does Permanent Hymenoplasty Last?

This type of repair is long-term. Bleeding happens each time the person has sex. She is free to engage in sexual activity two months, two years, or twenty years from now. It is crucial that a qualified medical professional performs this procedure.

A doctor with experience in this area will have a solid understanding of genital anatomy and will suture the procedure in such a way that the patient will bleed every time they have sex. The permanent repair is therefore long-lasting. Every time the person has a sexual encounter after the first month, they will bleed.

Complaints after permanent hymenoplasty

The procedure can typically be carried out with local anesthesia or light sedation. Before the procedure, the patient must disclose to the doctor any chronic illnesses, ongoing medications, or allergies. Potential issues and complaints are reduced in this way.

Pain is typically not experienced because the area will be completely numb after the procedure. This region goes numb. It is typical to experience only light spotting the following period. In most cases, patients are released in private and without any issues.

How Long Does Temporary Hymenoplasty Last?

The temporary hymenoplasty operation has a durability window of one to ten days. The person who wants bleeding must therefore have sex within a week to ten days. The stitches will break if it is too late, and there might not even be any bleeding.

Is bleeding certain?

After hymenoplasty, if the specialist physician has a good command of genital anatomy, is experienced in this field, and in case the procedure is carried out with the correct technique and the recommendations given by the doctor after surgery are followed in full, there is no reason for bleeding not to happen. Therefore, bleeding is expected.

Does a flexible hymen bleed during the first sexual intercourse?

During the first sexual encounter, a flexible hymen may not bleed. A virginity check is can be carried out if the person is sensitive about it allowing the patient to discover whether or not the hymen can bleed in its current state.

The patient can ask a qualified doctor for assistance and have the flexible hymen repaired so that it will bleed as needed. The hymen is a very significant body part in some societies and cultures. For the patients’ privacy as well as safety, such examinations and procedures must be kept private.

Will the hymen rupture during the first sexual intercourse?

The hymen does not always bleed during the first sexual encounter. The hymen is located as a wall at the vaginal opening and has a flexible structure that we refer to as annular in its anatomy.

It does not always bleed. If the patient is concerned about this matter, she can ask the specialist doctor for a confidential virginity test.

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Regarding patient privacy and security, these examinations and interventions should be very discreet. Therefore, it’s possible that the hymen doesn’t always bleed during the first sexual intercourse.

How much bleeding occurs after first sexual intercourse?

Normally, if bleeding occurs after the first sexual intercourse, it is usually reddish smear-like. For another week, the bleeding may continue as spotting if the person has no discomfort.

A specialist gynecologist should be consulted if bright red bleeding that is greater than menstrual bleeding fills 2-3 pads. If there is a vaginal tear, the situation may have deteriorated and repair may be necessary to stop the bleeding.

When does bleeding stop after first sexual intercourse?

First night bleeding may stop after the first intercourse. For 2 weeks, it can also be seen as pinkish spotting. In cases of bleeding lasting longer than 2 weeks and exceeding the active bright red menstrual bleeding, it is absolutely necessary to consult with a specialist gynecologist.

How can the hymen rupture outside of sexual intercourse?

A hard object, like a penis, must be inserted into the vagina. Tampon use unintentionally during menstruation, masturbation with a hard object, falling from a bicycle, and entering a hard object into that area during the fall can all harm and tear the hymen.

Does the repaired hymen bleed 100%?

Provided that the procedure is performed with the correct technique, the surgeon is familiar with the anatomy of the genital area and is experienced in this field, and the patient follows the doctor’s recommendations after the procedure, there is no reason for bleeding to occur.

How long does it take to repair the hymen?

Temporary hymenoplasty operation takes between 15-20 minutes on average. Permanent hymenoplasty operation is completed between 30-40 minutes. In the hymen procedure, it can be performed painlessly and painlessly under local anesthesia or under sedation. After the procedure, the patient is discharged with post-operative recommendations.

Is the number of sexual intercourse important for the success of the operation?

Hymenoplasty has little or no relationship with the number of sexual intercourse. Even women who have given birth can have hymen repair. It is a procedure with high patient satisfaction.

Is hymen the same in every woman?

The hymen structure varies from woman to woman. The number of known types of hymen are over ten. During a virginity test, if a person wants to know what kind of hymen she has, she can have that information revealed. The first night bleeding is significant in some societies.

Examining the hymen before sexual contact is the only way to determine whether it is flexible or not. Women who are concerned about this issue can ask to have their hymen designed in a way to bleed prior to sex. For the patient’s safety during all of these procedures, patient confidentiality and privacy are crucial.

Can women who gave birth also have their hymen repaired?

Women who have given birth can have their hymen repaired in private as well. Some women might prefer to surprise their husbands or partners with a hymen on their wedding anniversary, or they might not want to disclose to them that they have already given birth while in their second marriage. Therefore, having a woman’s hymen repaired after giving birth is not a problem.

Can the hymen be damaged by use of a finger or a foreign object during masturbation?

During masturbation, the hymen can be damaged by a finger or a hard object. In this way, if there is suspicion of spotting after masturbation and if the person is sensitive about this issue, she should definitely be examined by a gynecologist.

Can a damaged hymen heal on its own?

A damaged hymen is usually not expected to heal on its own. Because there may be no bleeding in the second intercourse because the hymen was ruptured the first time.

Therefore, women who are sensitive about this issue should definitely see a gynecologist. The gynecologist makes the evaluation in terms of hymen repair.

Can a person check their own hymen?

It is impossible to examine and observe one’s own hymen. A specific method is used to examine hymens. It is only possible to determine whether the hymen is ruptured using two sponges when examined at a specific angle by a gynecologist who specializes in this area.

Can pregnancy occur without hymen damage?

The question of whether pregnancy can occur in frictional intercourse is a very curious issue for patients. In frictional intercourse with the hymen intact, pregnancy may occur, albeit rarely, from sperm flowing into the vagina. The morning-after pill may not always provide complete protection. If menstrual delay occurs after this situation, the person should definitely have a pregnancy test.

Can one have an abortion without hymen damage?

Abortion can be performed with very special tools and a special technique without damaging the hymen. This procedure can only be performed by expert gynecologists who are experienced in this field.

Does it Matter When the Hymen Ruptured?

In terms of the surgical operation, it does not matter when the hymen ruptured.

Can my partner tell that the hymen was repaired?

It is not possible to understand whether the hymen has been repaired or not. In permanent hymenoplasty operations, the stitches dissolve and the hymen tissue is reconstructed, while in temporary hymenoplasty operations, the stitches are hidden.

Even gynecologists who have a lot of experience in this field may find it difficult to understand whether the hymen has been sutured before during an examination.

Can someone detect when and with how many people the patient have had sexual intercourse?

In the event that the person is examined immediately after the hymen rupture, it can be understood that she has had a new sexual intercourse upon the appearance of fresh blood.

However, if a certain period of time has passed, it is not clear when the person had sexual intercourse. No one but the patient can know how many people she has had sexual intercourse with.

Does Abortion Damage the Hymen?

If the hymen structure is intact, abortion can be performed without damaging the hymen. However, only experienced gynecologists familiar with genital aesthetic procedures can perform this procedure.