What is Bikini Area Aesthetics (Monsplasty)?

The process of removing adipose tissue under the skin from the mons pubis (bikini) area is known as pubis aesthetics. Mons pubis is the name given to the area looking like a bump just below the pubis.

In some women, this bump is protruding. Excessive protrusion causes aesthetic discomfort and requires an operation. By removing the excess fat tissue present in this section, the bikini area can be given a slender and non-obvious appearance from the outside.

This is a treatment method performed by gynecologists and plastic surgeons specialized in genital aesthetics. Since gynecology professionals are very familiar with the anatomy of the vagina, they perform monsplasty much more successfully.

If you are uncomfortable with the mons pubis protrusion and cannot wear the clothes you want, you can have this procedure done by contacting a specialist physician who has a good command of genital anatomy.  Monsplasty is a successful intervention that is completed in a very short time and has excellent results.

How to Perform Pubis Aesthetics (Monsplasty)?

Mons pubis aesthetics surgery can be performed using three different approaches: Liposuction, lipolysis and surgical applications. Which technique should be used for the treatment is decided by the physician after performing the necessary examination.

The patient’s age, mons pubis anatomy, the amount of fat, whether another procedure will be performed in the same session and the equipment of the hospital where the procedure will be performed are the criteria that are effective in the selection of the procedure method. In particular, the age of the patient and the amount of fat is an important criterion in the choice of procedure.

The fat cells on the pubis are removed during the liposuction process. The fat is taken out in a certain quantity. The fat cells beneath the skin are first broken down. Under the skin, the proper cannula is placed, and the liquefied fat cells are extracted.

It is the most favored approach of treating pubis aesthetics. Application of lipolysis is sometimes referred to as the injectable approach. The bottom layer of skin’s fat is melted as a result of the injections made there, and it is anticipated that it will leave the body naturally.

The surgical intervention operates on the same principal as a tummy tuck. A portion of the pubis’ skin layer is removed during surgery. To do this, some skin tissue and the fatty tissue beneath the skin are removed. Bikini area aesthetics can be used on other persons without the necessity for surgery.

The doctor can execute one of these three treatments on patients who are uncomfortable with their mons pubis area by deciding which approach is best for them. Combining surgical excision and liposuction is possible in some circumstances.

Where is the Pubic (Monsplasty) Hill Located?

This is the name given for the area covered with fat and hair on the upper part of the female genitalia, popularly known as the “Venus hill”. The fat cells in this area are there to protect the sexual organ against any external impact.

The pubic bone and joint can be vulnerable to external impacts. The fat cells in this area are more than the required amount for different reasons.  In addition to causing aesthetic discomfort, the pubic hill can also cause physiological discomfort to people. The process of eliminating these problems is called pubis aesthetics.

Urinary and sexual difficulties may develop over time as a result of the sagging skin in this area. Serious deformities may develop in summer when women wear thin, tight clothing.

Bikinis and swimsuits can also make people feel uncomfortable from an aesthetic standpoint. The procedure is known as “bikini area aesthetics” for this reason. This application is available to women at any age. The procedure is not age-restricted.

Why Is the Pubis (Monsplasty) Large?

In terms of anatomy, fat cells are located here. Over time, fat cells might expand for a variety of causes. The most frequent causes are unexpected weight increase, pregnancy, normal childbirth, inadequate hormonal functioning, and hereditary predisposition.

People with a family history of pubis issues are more likely to have this condition genetically. The swelling in this area might be painful in thin ladies. Pubis aesthetics have been developed as a result.

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Along with pubic protrusion, patients with obesity issues may additionally experience other vaginal issues. For this reason, before performing bikini area aesthetics on patients with weight issues, the surgeon conducts a thorough assessment.

After the examination of the patient, it is decided whether the person is suitable for the procedure. Then the procedure method is selected.

Why Should I Get Pubis Aesthetics?

Even if you follow long-term diet and activity plans, it’s possible that you won’t be able to eliminate the fat cells on your pubis. We advise you to have this surgery done right away if you find it difficult to choose comfortable clothing because of fat cells in this area and you feel embarrassed around your partner while having sex.

Your aesthetic issues will be permanently resolved in this method. The treatment approach known as pubis aesthetics is quick to apply and produces top-notch outcomes.

Bikini area aesthetics performed by specialist physicians are done in a proportional way, allowing for a smooth and proportionate treatment. In addition to the thickness there may be deformities in this area. In addition to the thickness in this area, there may be deformities.

Depressions and asymmetries may occur on the pubis due to environmental factors. In this case, aesthetic concerns arise. Women attach great importance to physical appearance and aesthetic appearance. Psychological problems also occur in cases that disrupt aesthetics.

What Are the Characteristics of Mons Pubis?

This is the skin tissue extending from the lower abdomen to the labia majora. It has certain characteristics owing to its location. These features are the same in every woman. Physically, it is a prominent and visible part.

Therefore, deformations in this area cause aesthetic discomfort and pubis aesthetics is applied as a solution. There are usually no serious complications after the aesthetic procedure. If we talk about the features of the mons pubis;

  1. It is made up of fat cells and has a triangular shape.
  2. It is designed to safeguard the joints and bone of the pubis.

3- Situations like weight increase and reduction might lead to changes in its shape.

4- The majority of it is made up of fat cells, and it resembles a hump.

This could alter, particularly as a result of outside influences. The appearance of the bones can be improved with bikini area aesthetics.

Anatomy and Function of the Mons Pubis

The pubic bone is a pile of skin layers and tissue. It has a triangular shape. Due to the presence of the fat cells, it is visible from the outside. Its primary function is to safeguard the bones and joints in this region.

Age, menopause, and weight increase can all alter how anatomically sound it is. It’s covered in hair. These unwanted hairs are eliminated using the epilation process. Hair follicles are important for the area to breathe.

How Many Forms of Pubis Aesthetics?

There are three methods to apply pubis aesthetics. It is a surgical procedure that involves an incision, fat melting, and fat removal. This surgical procedure that uses liposuction and an incision produces results that are permanent and unmistakable.

Although the number of fat cells in this location is decreased as a result of weight loss, these fat cells are resistant to dissolving. Fat reduction is done for this purpose. People between the ages of 18 and 65 can safely have the surgery.

Those who have undergone bariatric surgery and abdominoplasty should have bikini area aesthetics in case they need it.

Otherwise, the fat on the pubis will be more noticeable due to the decrease in the fat ratio in the lower abdomen. Lipolysis treatment is a slow-acting and long-lasting treatment method. Therefore, it is not preferred very often.

Why Mons Pubis Bulges?

Any person may experience bulging in the mons pubis area for a different set of reasons. Genetic predisposition, rapid weight gain, giving childbirth, and hormone systems that aren’t functioning properly can all cause swelling and bulging in this area.

The removal of the fat cells in this area is the primary goal of the pubis cosmetic surgery. Among procedures performed on women for aesthetic reasons, it is the most popular.

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Women do not feel comfortable and want to get rid of this problem due to reasons such as wearing tight clothes like tights and bikinis, making this area visible from the outside, experiencing lack of self-confidence before sexual partners due to fat accumulation in this area and not being able to wear a swimsuit while swimming in the sea.

Also, for men who lose weight suddenly, the fat in the groin area is removed in the same way.

Pubis Fat Removal

This process involves the correction of the protruding and swollen area with classical liposuction treatment. In order for fat removal to be performed, the patient must fulfill certain conditions.

There should not be any health obstacle for anesthesia and any serious health problems like eczema in the pubis area. Every individual who meets these criteria can undergo pubis aesthetics at any time.

Surgical operation should be performed especially for people with sagging skin. In this way, sagging excess skin is also removed. An aesthetic appearance is achieved.

Patients should wear a corset for at least a month after the liposuction treatment to allow the body form to stabilize. Heavy sports players should avoid these routines until their doctor gives them the all-clear.

After the operation, full recovery takes at least 4 weeks. In most cases, postoperative hospitalization is not necessary, and patients can resume their regular work schedules in 2–3 days.

A more comfortable healing process is had because it is not an abdominal operation like a cesarean section. Liposuction is the procedure used most frequently for bikini area aesthetics. Because there are no scars and the recovery period is quick, this approach is popular.

What are the Benefits of Pubis Aesthetics?

Pubis aesthetics provides both physiological and psychological benefits. In addition to the desired flat aesthetic look, there are physiological perks such as a reduction in sweating and the disappearance of wrinkles in that area during hot weather.

In addition to promoting the development of healthy sexual partnerships, it also helps control how hormone systems operate. In terms of psychology, it helps women feel more confident.

In this way, it promotes the development of stronger, more active ties in social life. It gives people the freedom to dress however they like. Anytime they choose, they can wear garments that are tight and thin.

The possibility of developing side effects after the procedure is almost zero. It ensures the formation of a reliable and lasting aesthetic appearance.

In order to take advantage of the advantages of bikini area aesthetics, it is necessary to choose the appropriate treatment method for you and to have this procedure performed by specialist physicians. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you be careful when choosing a physician for the procedure.

Things to Consider Before Monsplasty

Almost all surgical operations involve a preparation process. Such preparations must be thoroughly made in order to increase the effect of the procedure and to prevent complications. Firstly, choosing the right physician and hospital is an important process that needs to be conducted with care.

People who use blood thinners should not use this medication under the supervision of a doctor before the procedure. Harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes should be stopped for at least 10 days.

People with chronic diseases and those who use medication for the treatment of different diseases should tell this information to their doctor.

Before the procedure, the patient should clearly state any expectations from the operation to the surgeon. Any tests requested by the doctor should be done completely. People with infectious diseases should provide information about their medical condition.

When these preparations are completed, you can have a smooth procedure that you will be satisfied with the result. Your surgeon will clearly inform you about the issues you should pay attention to before bikini aesthetics.

After Mons Pubis Aesthetics

Several things need to be taken into account after the procedure. These actions should be taken to guarantee that the surgical site heals quickly and begins taking on its new shape. Use a corset that is suited for your body and advised by your physician every day for at least three weeks.

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The prescribed antibiotic should be taken consistently for at least five days and one week. Infection danger can be completely minimized in this manner.

Before getting a prescription from a doctor, avoid using blood thinners. In this method, excessive bleeding can be avoided. You might have a simple recovery process if you pay care after bikini area aesthetics.

What is the Recovery Period After Pubis Aesthetics?

The full recovery period after the operation takes an average of 1 month. After this period, pubis aesthetics are often fully formed. Depending on the body resistance of the person, the process can last up to 3 to 6 months.

Edema or bruising is temporary. The person can easily return to his/her daily life. After the procedure, you should rest for at least 3 days to return to work life.

After this period, you can go back to work. However, situations that require heavy work life and tempo should be avoided for a while.

How Much Are Pubis Aesthetics Turkey Prices 2024

Due to a few factors, procedure fees may differ. Considerations include the surgical method, the length of the process, the amount of fat removed, the surgeon’s treatment costs, and the clinic’s location. For this reason, those who desire pubis aesthetics can evaluate costs and effectiveness.

The best decisions can then be made in a precise and trustworthy manner. The preliminary examination makes the process costs evident, thus choosing a clinic shouldn’t be done without knowing these expenses in advance.

Is It Combined with Other Genital Aesthetic Procedures?

Multiple procedures might be carried out simultaneously when doing genital area aesthetics. The most precise and efficient operations can be performed out in this manner. Physical and cosmetic treatments are available for issues in the vulva region.

Orgasm issues are also resolved in addition to aesthetic issues. This will enable you to enjoy your sexual encounter as much as possible. Bikini area aesthetics can be combined with various treatments.

How Does the Mons Pubis Change? Why Does Fat Accumulate?

After the operation, the pubis becomes thinner. In this way, it becomes flatter and thinner.  Women can always feel comfortable and self-confident after having this appearance. Fat accumulation can be caused by different reasons.

Weight gain, hormonal disorders and age advancement are the primary causes of fat accumulation in the pubic area. Fat accumulation seriously disturbs women. For this reason, they may want to be treated by having medical procedures. However, the most effective solutions are those made by surgical methods.

Which Complaints Does Fat Accumulation in the Mons Pubis Cause?

Fat accumulation can lead to different problems. Women may feel discomfort for reasons such as noticing this area from the outside. With the progression of age, urinary problems may arise with the sagging of the skin in this area.

Fat accumulation in the mons pubis causes both physiological and psychological problems. For this reason, experts have developed treatments to permanently correct this area.

Pubic fat, which has become a common problem of women, can be permanently removed for life. The name bikini area aesthetics is derived from the fact that women undergo this procedure to wear a bikini.

Are There Any Risks of Monsplasty Reduction Surgery?

Nearly all surgical operations carry a certain degree of risk, even if it is minor. There are risks like infection and bleeding. These risks, however, are minimized by following the doctor’s instructions regularly after the procedure.

It depends on the hospital where the procedure is performed, the surgeon and the postoperative care applied by the patient.

What are the Procedures of Mons Pubis Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery?

The procedures followed for the surgical operation and liposuction are identical. Information about the patient’s medical history is obtained.

It is determined whether the patient is suitable for anesthesia and the patient is given an appointment for the operation. It is important that these procedures are carried out in full.

What Causes an Enlarged Mons Pubis?

Excess fat accumulation in this area is the main reason behind the enlargement of the mons pubis. Therefore, pubis aesthetics is applied to remove this swelling and make women more confident.