A technique used to treat vulvar warts brought on by the human papilloma virus is known as genital wart treatment (HPV). These warts not only impair physical beauty but can also lead to serious pathological diseases.

Both men and women can experience them. Although it has not yet been demonstrated to cause significant health issues in men, it can result in much more severe issues for women.

How to Treat Genital Warts?

The treatment’s primary aim is to remove the warts and relieve the symptoms they cause. Soreness and pain are possible symptoms. The development of genital wart treatment has a negative impact on people’s lives and lowers their quality of life.

Since the Hpv virus can spread other cancer-causing agents through the same contact, it must be treated right away after a diagnosis. because it is contagious and spreads quickly. Warts may not bother some people, and they may not want treatment.

It is advised to maintain control in such situations. It may result in various diseases in advanced cases. They can be eliminated through surgical application, freezing, or burning with a laser or cautery.

What are Genital Warts?

Genital warts are small cauliflower-like shaped blisters and flesh moles that appear on the skin when infected by the human papilloma virus. Research shows that there are more than 40 types. Depending on the type, it can occur in different areas. In women, it is common in the anus, vagina, anal canal and between the anus and vagina. In men, it can be seen on the penis head, scrotum and anus.

What are the Symptoms of Genital Warts?

The disease’s causative agent may manifest differently in each individual. It shows up as palpable swelling, vaginal bleeding, pain during urination and sexual intercourse, discharge, and bad odor in females.

Men may experience symptoms like a palpable penile swelling, redness on the penile head, discharge from the penis, and penile swelling. After the agent has entered the body, symptoms may not appear for a while. It has been discovered that some women have had this virus since birth.

What Causes Genital Warts?

The activation of the virus entering the body is the primary cause of warts. It is an agent that spreads via contact. It can be passed along through sexual activity. When taken orally, it also results in warts around the mouth and larynx. It is a factor that needs to be considered carefully, and preventative measures need to be taken. Most people’s genital warts are caused by the same factors.

How to Diagnose Genital Warts?

The pap smear test, HPV typing, and gynecological examination can all identify this disease agent. In a lab setting, the sample used to make a firm diagnosis is examined. The human papilloma virus is a group of viruses that can cause warts and cancer. Therefore, it is not a given that everyone will grow warts.

After Genital Warts Treatment

After the treatment, there are a few things to think about. The surgical site remains sensitive for a few days. The cleaning of these areas after using the restroom must therefore be given the utmost consideration.

Depending on the type of treatment, sexual activity should be postponed for a minimum of two weeks. Your physician might suggest creams made of various ingredients to protect the area after the procedure. The correct administration of these medications is a must.

What Are Types of Genital Warts?

Many different strains of the virus have been identified. Since almost all of them cause warts, it is very difficult to differentiate between them. Experts usually carry out detailed examinations on the types that cause cancer.

Cauterization of Genital Warts

Wart inflammation is performed using electrocauterization. Electrocautery is used during this procedure. It is a very frequently preferred application for the treatment of warts. The proceduer can cause some pain. For this reason, local anesthesia is usually applied. If the size of the wart is very large, it is destroyed by surgical techniques.

Genital Wart Freezing

Cryotherapy is the preferred treatment for small lesions. For the treatment of large and infected warts, this method is generally excluded. Since it does not cause pain, no anesthesia is required. It is one of the procedures with the highest comfort rate among genital wart treatments.

Treatment of Warts in the Penis Area

For men, the only form of condyloma treatment is wart burning. Only very rarely might the procedure be performed under general anesthesia. The location of the warts is crucial. Local anesthesia can be used to plan effective treatments, though. In men, condyloma growth advances more quickly. Men should arrange the necessary treatments as soon as they identify it by getting in touch with the specialist right away.

Treatment of Warts in the Vaginal Area

Both the size and the type of warts dictate the treatment procedure. If there is a wart on the vulva, the inside of the vagina should also be checked. Ointment treatment can be prescribed according to the severity of the case.

Different ointments containing different active ingredients can be used regularly to treat warts permanently. The formation of genital warts can cause medical problems as well as aesthetic appearance. Therefore, warts should not be taken too lightly.

Treatment of Anal and Perianal Warts

Anal and perianal warts can grow rapidly and increase in size. Treatment must be applied to warts in this area. They are very contagious. Cauterization is applied if no results are obtained from ointment treatment. It is the same type of warts found in the vagina.

The fact that the area is different does not mean that the type of wart changes. If needed, the anal canal is evaluated with the help of a rectoscope. As the skin tissue in these areas are very sensitive structures, a meticulous treatment should be applied as much as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk of complications such as stenosis.

In Which Areas of the Body Can Genital Warts Occur?

They can appear in different areas of the body, including the anus, vagina, vulva, penis, testicles, mouth and larynx. These structures that form in different parts of the body can cause different complaints in people. It can also occur at a very early age.

Who Can Get Genital Warts?

When a viral agent enters the body, a condition known as warts arises. As a result, genital warts can affect nearly anyone. At some point in their lives, especially those who begin sexual activity, everyone may experience warts. While some types spread on their own without bothering anyone, in some instances, HPV can progress to cancer due to the ingestion of cancer-causing HPV types into the body during contact.

It’s crucial to type HPV. For this reason, you should consult a specialist doctor right away if you experience any wart symptoms. Early interventions produce more durable outcomes. Warts that enlarge may be difficult to treat and may not be removed permanently. Warts have the potential to come back. Sometimes a single session of wart burning may not be enough.

Genital Warts Treatment Turkey Prices 2024

Treatment prices are not fixed. Depending on the treatment method used, the number of sessions, the physician’s preference, the clinic where the procedure is performed, prices may vary constantly. The physician’s holistic approach is very important. Burning warts is not enough on its own.

Factors such as sending the materials to pathology and whether there are other malignant HPV types also affect the cost. In order to receive permanent treatments from reliable addresses, you should definitely take care in choosing an institution. Costs should be the last criteria to be considered in any intervention that affects human health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Genital Warts

We explored the answers to the questions about genital warts, common health problems of women and men, for you. You can get all the information you wonder about these warts by reading our article we have prepared.

Is Hpv Transmitted Only Sexually?

It is a very widespread sexually transmitted disease in the community. Experts have demonstrated through research that the virus is rarely spread through shared restrooms. It is possible to run into this circumstance in a very small portion of society. Because of this, it’s important to carefully consider the situation before making any accusations.

Does Hpv Cause Cancer?

There are at least 50 different types of human papillomavirus. Warts and cancer-causing agents have been identified among these types. Depending on the area of involvement of the virus and the reproduction form it shows, the effects it causes in the body are different.

The main cause of cervical cancer, which is the most common type of cancer in women, is the human papilloma virus. The most common types that cause cancer are types 16 and 18.  For this reason, women and men should have the necessary preventive treatments at a very early age.

How to Treat Hpv?

An effective treatment of the human papillomavirus is planned with the physician. Procedures are carried out in the treatment methods used to stop the virus’s spread and lower complaints. The genital organs are also harmed by the development of warts. It impairs how well these organs function. It can sometimes be uncomfortable and contaminates sexual activity. Infection may also result from it.

Does Hpv Vaccine Protect from Genital Warts?

The Hpv vaccine offers excellent defense against a number of the factors that cause of warts. Doctors frequently recommend it as a result. The vaccine provides excellent protection. Due to this, all children, regardless of gender, should receive this vaccination between the ages of 11 and 12.

Those who were not immunized as children should finish the vaccine doses until they are 45 years old. Whether an individual with hpv should receive an anti-hpv vaccine is one of the most frequently posed queries by patients. The HPV vaccine is crucial. In the event of recontact, it also protects against other uninfected types because it also provides protection against types that are not present in the body. Therefore, it is advised.

Can the Hpv Virus be Completely Cleared from the Body?

There are some types that are cleared from the body and others that remain harmlessly in the body for the duration of a person’s life. It is possible to get rid of the virus’s symptoms. The agent might, nonetheless, stay in the body. When this occurs, the proper screening tests should be run and checked at the times specified by the physician.

Should I Get Hpv Vaccine?

Among preventive treatments, vaccination is the first priority. Vaccines help the immune system recognize the virus agent. In this way, it prevents damage to the body by fighting viruses when encountered. There are two different types of vaccines used for Hpv. These two-dose and three-dose vaccines provide the necessary effective protection against the virus.

Does the Hpv Vaccine Have Side Effects?

Fever, redness, swelling and mild pain in the arm can occur, as can simple complications after any vaccination. These side effects are common to all types of childhood vaccines. These effects can be relieved by procedures such as ice application.

Does the Hpv Vaccine Protect Against Cancer?

Human papillomavirus does not cause cancer in all forms.  Since the vaccine protects against almost all types of common agents in the community, it also protects against genital warts and cancer at a high rate. Therefore, vaccination should be done in accordance with the vaccination schedule.

What Diseases Does Hpv Infection Cause Apart from Genital Warts?

It causes different diseases such as cervical cancer, anal cancer, testicular cancer and laryngeal cancer.

Is There a Natural Treatment for Genital Warts?

The use of materials with high acid content, such as vinegar, to burn warts has been used by people in general. Natural remedies used on your own at home have the potential to seriously harm your health. Because of this, medical professionals should be consulted for advice and treatments designed by medical professionals should be used to treat genital warts.

How Can Men Get Warts? How to Reduce the Chances of Transmission?

Genital warts can be transmitted from an infected sexual partner if they do not use a condom during sexual intercourse. A condom may not always provide complete protection. Because it is a virus transmitted by mucus and secretions.  Since it can cause serious health problems in men, people who detect warts on the penis should definitely organize the necessary treatments.

Can Genital Warts Be Transmitted During Childbirth?

During childbirth, genital warts discovered on the mother may be transmitted to the infant. For this reason, women who have warts in their perineum must undergo some checks before giving birth.

Normal delivery is not permitted if the virus is discovered to be active and the rate of transmission is high. The gynecologist conducts the required examinations and gets the patient ready for a cesarean section. The intention is to stop the virus from spreading to the unborn child.

Will Genital Warts Go Away on Their Own?

Depending on the individual’s immunity, some types of warts can vanish on their own. Variants of genital warts also vanish on their own without any help. But this is a dangerous circumstance. The exact virus type that is the root cause cannot be identified. Instead of waiting for the warts to go away on their own, you should visit a specialist gynecologist for a checkup.

Do Condoms Reduce the Risk of Transmission?

Using condoms prevents the transfer of many viruses and bacteria, including HPV, between couples. For this reason, especially for non-monogamous people, specialists recommend that they use condoms. In order to have a healthy union, you should definitely take care to use condoms.

What About Sexuality After Genital Wart Treatment?

It is advised to forgo active sexual activity for at least two weeks, per the specialist’s advice. This procedure is crucial for both the wound’s healing and the completion of the hpv typing. Checking the partner is also necessary. Use of condoms is crucial in cases of polygamy.

Does Circumcision Protect Against Hpv Virus and Warts?

Penile cancer is much more common in non-circumcised men than in other men. These issues could be brought on by improper hygiene practices and the foreskin’s harboring of infection-causing sources. The type of the Hpv virüs is significant.

Will Genital Warts Repeat After Passing or After Being Treated?

Warts have an incubation period of up to 6 months. As a result, warts may return following treatment. Immunity has a crucial impact. Serious issues can arise, especially in those who do not practice the essential preventative measures. When the immune system is suppressed, the wart may come back for a variety of reasons, including the reactivation of an old virus that hasn’t been eliminated from the body and the entry of a new virus.

When Will Genital Warts Heal After Burning?

The recovery period of the burning process is 10 days on average. During this time, crusting occurs in the burned area. This crusting passes by itself. The crusts should not be broken off. In some cases, the wart falls off immediately at the time of burning, while in some cases it is excreted with crusting. The healing process differs in each individual.

What to Do to Prevent Genital Warts?

Certain components are included in prevention methods used. Developing a stronger immune system is the first step in preventing all diseases. Vaccination is the best method of prevention. The body must receive all of the vaccine doses created to protect against the disease agent.

To avoid the spread of infectious diseases during sexual activity, effective protection techniques like condoms should be used. Polygamous individuals are susceptible to a variety of infectious diseases. Therefore, it is important to recognize these factors, be aware of them, and take the proper precautions.

Do Genital Warts Require Follow-up?

It’s a myth that warts will eventually disappear on their own. This is why the hpv test is used to first identify the type of virus. This determination should be followed up with the most precise information possible. If the virus is detected to be active, treatment can be initiated right away to stop it from leading to more severe health issues. They must be kept under observation because of this.

What to Consider Regarding a Person with Genital Warts?

Regular visits to the physician should be arranged. Always use protection during sexual intercourse. Be monogamous as much as possible. The transmission rate of warts is highest during sexual intercourse. The immune system should be protected and strengthened.

What Happens If Genital Warts Are Not Treated?

Warts on the skin can last for many years and then became infected. If this wart comes into contact with another that is infected with a cancer-causing type, it might not go away and cancer might start to form. On the skin’s surface, it results in various skin deformations. It can also lead to psychological issues for those who place a higher priority on aesthetics.

Is It Okay to Pluck Genital Warts?

Plucking warts can cause major health problems. For this reason, when wart formation is seen, it should never be intervened. A specialist should be consulted and the necessary treatment should be arranged. Genital warts should never be plucked.